La Grande Bouffe - Death at the Dinner Table

for Kantor / PUP Agengy


Are you ready for the strangest dinner party you’ll ever have?

In this hilarious interactive multimedia performance, Eva & Merante welcome you as their guests on a birthday party dinner table. Every course brings a surprise / another vibe, as the focus shifts from aphrodisiac to love and from mindfulness to eating disorder. La Grande Bouffe will leave you confused and will certainly make you rethink your own eating habits… Bon apetit!


Only in the Dark, you can see the Light

for ADE Amsterdam Dance Event in Volkshotel


This multimedia performance takes you into a poetic world full of dreamy visuals, intriguing poetry and surrealist performance art. Only in the Dark, you can see the Light is about the revelations of the night, once you’ve let go of (daily life) restrictions and have connected deeper with your intuitive and wild side. House of L’Evant challenges you to think about your own motivations and desires, and touches every human’s longing for freedom. 






La Boheme

for Deep Thought Productions


House of L'Evant has created the concept and has done 3 performances for Deep Thought Productions' 15 year anniversary themed La Boheme. The performances focuss on identity, role playing, freedom of the individual and artistic expression.

NYE Crazy Wonderland
for Lloyd Acardi
- We're all MAD in here - 
House of L'Evant has created the concept, has booked & created all performances and has designed & booked decor for this enormous NYE event in the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam. We have booked over 25 performers and art directed them into custom-made storytelling performances that created confusion & optical illusion:
Tableaux Vivants, Opera Singer Alice in the Forest 12 o' clock moment, The Red Queen gets furious, Tripping - Visual Costume Performance, Alice goes Mad, Sexy Alice, Eat Me / Drink Me entrance (decor & performance), Mad Hatter Tea Party with optical illusion table, DJ & performances.

Videoclip The One

for Sander Kleinenberg & Felix Leiter


House of L'Evant has created the concept & has created the videoclip.


The film portrays a world in which animals behave like humans, and own human pets that behave like animals. It puts a spotlight on human behaviour, which appears strange when taken out of the conventional comfort zone. We aim to create curiosity about human behaviour.

VINYL - Official release party Netherlands

by Martin Scorsese & Mick Jagger


House of L'Evant has organised the coolest 70s rock 'n roll backstage party and gathered & booked the most flamboyant performers, photographers, rockstars, writers, painters, models & party people in Amsterdam on this spectacular release night in de Marktkantine.


The Last Supper 

for Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2017


9, 10, 12, 13 september

‘Hilarisch, tragisch en uitdagend’ MOMA ****

Het symbiotisch artistiek duo Mary & Machteld staat op het punt van doorbraak in de internationale kunstwereld. Als Mary Machteld confronteert met haar plotseling naderende dood, komt hun gevecht voor eeuwige roem op scherp te staan. Met de dood op de hielen en de sterfelijkheid als ultieme inspiratiebron besluiten ze hun ‘pièce de résistance’ te creëren. Het creatieproces blijkt echter verraderlijker dan gedacht.

The Last Supper is een tragikomedie geïnspireerd op de huidige you only live once mentaliteit en neemt de kijker mee in een multimediale collage van theater, performance, visuals, poëzie en muziek.